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Kobi completes the London Marathon and Raises £1,800 for Rhianna’s Swing

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On Saturday, our special little fundraiser Kobi Barrow (12) completed the virtual London Marathon and in the process raised £1,800 for Rhianna’s Swing.

Finishers Medal!

Kobi was due to join thousands of other virtual runners on the 4th of October but had to delay his virtual marathon by a week due to being told by his school to self-isolate. The plan was to break the marathon down into smaller chunks and to run and walk the total distance of 26.2miles.

Tadcu and Kobi

At 6am he left with his Tadcu to run the first 4 miles in the dark. Luckily the weather was nice and dry. At 7am he started his walk for his Brunch which he talked about all week. This section was from home to Mumbles and 11 miles in total, bring the total miles to 15. From 10 miles Kobi’s feet started to hurt but with that brunch on his mind, he continued to push on to the Mumbles. Accompanied by his Dad, Kobi was in high spirits and got more determined after his Dad read all the well wishes from Social Media. Reaching the Cresco Lounge was a welcoming sight.

After refuelling, at 11:30 it was time to make the return journey and head back towards Swansea. During this section, he had his Mamgu for the company and after 3 miles he was joined by his friends Archie and Charlie. This was a lovely surprise which brought a huge smile to his face. For the next 3 miles, the boys talked and talked. Kobi was very grateful for them to take his mind off the miles ahead.

Reaching SA1 he was now 21 miles in. The hardest part was to come. Walking with his mum up towards Swansea Enterprise Park and the finish line at the Fendrod lake. Kobi was really starting to hurt but his determination and will power would see him get to that finish line.

After 8hrs and 17minutes Kobi reached the milestone of 26.2miles and finished to the cheers of friends and family. Kobi was exhausted but felt proud to have finished.

Kobi’s original fundraising target was £945, enough to purchase a wheelchair-friendly picnic table to accompany the all-inclusive park he helped raise money for. With the additional funds raised, the charity will now look at putting 2 picnic tables in.

We can’t thank Kobi Barrow enough. What a little superstar.

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