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Rhianna’s Swing – Latest Update

By 2nd March 2018 No Comments

Update on Rhianna’s Swing Park at The Gnoll

We should like everyone to know that we now have the funds to start the process of building the park. This is great news and we are keen to order the equipment as soon as possible as it will take about 3 months to manufacture.

However, we cannot order the equipment until NPT council have agreed terms for a 5-year lease we have to have to comply with the Lottery Grant we have received.  We are doing our best, with the help of Rob Howells from Hutchinson Thomas Solicitors who is working pro bono, to speed the process. As soon as we have the lease it will be full speed ahead!  We are still hoping to have the park in full operation in time for the Summer.

Here is the latest artists impression of what the park will look like.  As we have already replaced the existing roundabout in the park we have room for another piece of equipment.  We have decided to purchase the Mirage Revolution.




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